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The Wedding Date Has Been Announced For Liesl Laurie and Dr Musa Mtombeni

Love is truly a beautiful thing. We won’t have to worry about the fire inside Liesl Laurie and Dr Musa Mtombeni’s relationship dying out anytime soon. The two are madly in love and we are here for it.

Musa popped the big question last week to an emphatic YES from the love of his life and the two are not wasting any time in taking things to the next level. This afternoon, Laurie took to social media to hint that her big day could be next week. “Don’t mind me, I’m just practising for my wedding day.” She shared. “Ready to get married next weekend!”

Reflecting on the surprise birthday party she threw for her bae Musa, Liesl posted about it on social media and her fiancé took to the comment section to let her know that she did a stellar job. “This party stressed my baby so much. I was wondering what was happening with her on my birthday. She disappeared for hours kanti phaaaaaaaa surprise. Yes, I did fight ALL my friends about the content they’re allowed to post that night. I didn’t want any mistakes or problems. My baby is mine. You did well on this day my baby,” he posted.

Musa also took some time to thank everyone that made sure his birthday party was a memorable one. “Throwback to my surprise birthday organised by my sexy baby @liesllaurie. My friends were threatened within an inch of their lives not to even post the shoulder of my now fiancée.

Thank you for obliging dear friends. Also, your invites and presence at this party will now exclude you from the wedding. Give other children a chance. Thanks” He posted.

The two are currently on baecation at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Durban. They got engaged last weekend. On the same day he revealed Liesl as his mystery girlfriend, he also confirmed that they were engaged, sharing some pictures of him on one knee asking for her hand in marriage.

Laurie has been flaunting her ring on the gram. “This was the moment that I reminded him that I LOVE my ring and this special proposal so much but I LOVE him evermore,” she said, sharing an image of Musa kissing her ring.

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