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The wife was suspicious of her husband. She installed a hidden camera and found out this

We also believe that women do better when it comes to taking care of small children. You change the children, feed them, nap and when necessary, play with them. Due to these girls, the mother is closed to the daddy. The opposite has however been found for this family. Their boy was so loyal to the father and still wanted to stay near him.

All began when the family’s wife had to go home from her little boy to her father to care for him because of her work. The wife had some feelings because she realized the baby was crying and did not stop running or making noise.

However the woman found that the husband never complained about the child. Also, during the time the man took care of the child the child changed dramatically. Particularly the wife noted that the boy had also improved his father’s relationship.

The wife became skeptical so that she thought about what triggered the actions of her child. In the room where the husband sits with the girls, the wife put in a hidden camera to figure out what made them so close.

Following the wife’s return from work, she watched the camera and was stunned to see what she saw. It emerged in the video that her husband took the children’s toy and scattered it on the floor of the lobby as she left for work. He took his shirt off and the boy took his shirt off as well. Then together they began to dance.

During that time, the dad put the boy on the floor, tickled the stomach and made his boy more glad and still smiled. The father abandoned the boy and enjoyed the toys. Often the father spoke to the infant and showed him new steps and watching him watch the television.

The woman was shocked to hear how the man had lived with the young man and how he had taught him how to bring the toys around. The young kid knew where all the toys are in the box.

The wife discovered that the husband taught the child how to return items with new skills. The woman was struck by the special beauty of her husband’s treatment for the small boy.