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Thembi Again! See What this White Man Did To Her Black Domestic Worker in South Africa

While a lot of people have been complaining about the racial war that has been happening in the country of South Africa, something comes out that melts everyone’s hearts. A picture surfaced earlier on Friday on Twitter that has the whole of South Africa talking, what it symbolises is of great importance than what was actually happening in the picture.

The picture shows a white man who is standing next to an older black woman, and he is handing her a set of keys together with a bouquet of flowers. It turns out that the man was the woman’s boss, and she was her long term house made. He had decided to buy her a car as part of a “Thank You” gift for a very much long dedicated service.

The two people in the above picture turn out to be very famous internet sensation, the boss and the maid became famous back in June when a series of pictures ended up on Tik tok and it showed how they had a very wholesome relationship.

Thembi has been Wentzel’s employee for nine years. She said she had been unaware that he was filming for TikTok, but said the love shown to her on social media makes her happy. She told the publication that she has been flooded with calls from people in her area. The boss’s name is Wantzel and the Domestic worker is Thembi.

The two have had one of the best relationships of boss and worker that South Africa has ever seen, especially after they saw that He lets her drive his car around, watch Netflix during her lunchtime and enjoy a party every Friday with the boss.

Wentzel, who works as a consultant in the mining sector, said he does not consider Thembi as just someone who works for him, saying “we work together”. Wentzel has been accused of exploiting Thembi to gain social media fame, and of “feeding his white saviour ego”.

Wentzel has noted the comments about race.

In his latest video, he said, “thanks for making us trend on Twitter, just a special thanks for the people that bring in race in the most positive thing we are doing here.” He then turns to Thembi and says, “come, let’s bring them [race]. Thembi can be seen getting packets of rice [pronounced rys in Afrikaans] from the grocery cupboard.

Now that she has a new car, she is officially the most liked domistic worker ever, Some people though Wantzel was using her for fame but she seemed genuinely happy. What is your take on the matter? Would you buy your helper a car?