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#TheQueen: “She Can’t Act, Thank You For Killing Her” , Viewers

The Queen is a telenovela that has been broadcasting in South Africa for a few years. The show’s plotlines drew a large number of pet viewers. Viewers always voice their comments about the show the next day after it airs. They are always arguing the benefits and drawbacks of existence.

Ntando Duma’s portrayal of Mpho Sebata, a character/role that he portrays, is one of the things that fans seem to be talking about a lot. Viewers have been skeptical of her acting abilities since the beginning.

They’re still harping on how horrible her acting is and how she’s a failure. At times, producers appear to pay attention to or listen to viewer feedback.

Viewers are excited to finally see her out. They would complain on every episode that she appeared on, and they wanted her out. She was shot at on tonight’s episode, and she is no more. Ntando Duma had trended earlier this week when a video of her resurfaced on social media, where she was fighting with a white lady after being reprimanded for parkin in a disabled spot. So viewers are still angry over that.

Ntando is leaving The Queen for greener pastures. She is said to be joining a Netflix project, that she herself has not yet started advertising.