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There Are Concerns That Chicken From #RhythmCity Is Sick After He Was Spotted At Shell Garage

A day ago, Nelson Ntombela, popularly known as Chicken on one of the most watched soap operas in South Africa, Rhythm City was spotted by a fan at Shell Garage.

You probably know how frequently that happens, you can go to some of the well-known stores in Joburg, Cape Town or Durban and you might come across at least one or two celebrities.

This guy here managed to get Nelson’s attention and in the video, one can see them smiling, however, there is something serious that was noticed by one of the people who watched the video.

Nelson looked different and this might be according to some people, some might beg to differ, which is fine. And this is not about pointing out something that is unnecessary about the actor, Nelson is one of the best actors that we have in this country.

Because people look up to him, support and follow his career, they could be genuinely worried about his well-being. One person said that Nelson looked sick, now a lot of people follow Nelson on social media and we have seen him a lot on Rhythm City.

And it is not much of a surprise that someone would say that he looks a certain way, we always see these celebrities on TV or on social media as it was already mentioned and it would not be that difficult to notice something different, as far as physical appearance is concerned.

It seems like other people who watched the video did not notice anything different because they commented about other things. The reason why this is raised as a concern is because people are curious and they probably want to know what is going on.

They are, of course not entitled to get any information regarding that, but if Nelson is willing, then he might have something to say. However, there is something that has to be pointed out, Nelson has the right to not say anything when it comes to his personal life.