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There Is No Chill In Mzansi, Here Is The Teacher And The Students

There is no chill in Mzansi, people always see a need to laughed to serious matters at hand. There was once a time where our President was addressing the Nation and when he tried to put on his mask he closed his eyes instead of his nose and mouth.

This was the main concern for parents not to take their children back to school in this time of covid-19. We knew very well that children will not be able to wear a mask the whole day. They had to take if off an some point and make funny things with it. Some children’s mask would be dirty but they will still pick it up and use it as dirty as it will be.

This is another school, the front leaner was not wearing a her school uniform and she was also sleeping in class. The second student pretended to be our president at that time, when things were still taught. The fourth student from the same row is about to copy what this other student did with his mask.

This amazed people, seeing that in South Africa even though we have lost our loved ones due to covid-19 we still have a sense of humor. See people’s comments.