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‘There was one player who verbally abused me’ : PSL’s Female Referee Speaks Out

Football is a made dominated sport and to try and reserve this will take some time. It is always a good time to begin and the recent reports that there is a mandatory rule that will order teams to establish women squads is definitely good news. We’ve seen a lot of equality gradually being introduced and it is amazing to note that the PSL is one of the ground breakers in that regard.

We’ve seen females referees and match officials being given the opportunity to officiate matches at the highest level. CAF has also followed suit and this is progressive for the sport. This particular referee has become the star of the show and this has also earned her some attention from outside the country. She is definitely good at her job and it amazing to see how she can command the match under the pressure and maybe some intimidation.

Akhona Makalima sat down for an interview with Thabiso Mosia on SA-FM as she discussed her journey into getting to this point. She also touched on her current life as she has become a global icon and trailblazer in her profession. She went on to also dive into what it is like to be a female refereeing PSL games and the treatment she gets from the players.

“CT City and Golden Arrows is the toughest game I’ve officiated in. It was very physical and they were running very hard, they ran the whole game. I thought I’m being tested here, but I also took it as a challenge”

She shared that a game between Cape Town City and Golden Arrows was the hardest of her career. Akhona revealed that the intensity of the match was on a high level and this led to her running hard for the whole game.

Akhona Makalima then revealed that the general treatment from players in the PSL is good except for one isolated incident. She shared that a Cape Town City said unflattering things to her after she had issued him a red card. This isn’t something she liked to dwell on as she revealed that the particular star was dealt with professionally and told never to do something like that again.

“To be fair, players have never disrespected me. I’ve never been made to feel unwelcome on the field. But there was one player who verbally ab_sed me after I gave him a red card in Cape Town And I told him, he must never do that again”