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#TheRiver: Emma Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place. Will She Betray Madlabantu?

Zungazi’s silence is coming at a very hefty price, but going to jail will cost Emma even more which leaves Emma with very few options.It’s Zungazi dragging her granddaughter into this mess.

Has Emma’s Mother met lindiwe where does she think the 10 million will come from? We shall see who Emma fears more. Her mother or Malindz.Emma’s mother is evil. Not her calling baby Mbali a monkey and Zolani ugly. Why isn’t Emma telling Zolani about her Mother Blackmailing her?

Now Emma’s mother wants Lindiwe’s diamonds. She wants to steal Madlabantu’s diamonds!.Zungazi has done half the job for Emma. All that’s left is for her to steal R10 million worth of diamonds.

Imagine schooling an adult like Flora on the same book she claims to live by.The Flora part is weird for me.

She was okay with Happy and even encouraged Andile when he came out but now? Or could it be that she never quite accepted her son that is why she is like this. She is looking for someone to take out all that frustration.

Guys, Beauty is a free spirit, but sis had to catch strays from the Ice Queen Zungazi.This story line is about to offramp big time. Emma and her mother may have been con artists.