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#TheRiver: Is Zweli going to consider taking Nyakallo as a second wife after that kiss?

It is indeed true when they say to all men The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side. The 1Magic’s telenovela; The River’s current storyline has proved that no matter how perfect a man’s relationships with his partner is, he would still assume that he’s missing out somewhere.

Well, one of the current storylines is regarding a young girl; Nyakallo (played by Jessica Sithole) who happens to be Flora’s niece from Free State. She came to Pretoria with a reason to get herself a job to get get money in order to be able to pay for her studies. Her aunt decided to take a break from working at the Dikana mansion then Nyakallo temporarily took over her aunt’s work.

Ever since Nyakallo started working at the Dikana mansion, she has become Lindiwe’s substitute, she gives Zweli a strangely good treatment which nobody has ever offered to Zweli. By the look of things, Nyakallo definitely had a mission all along; to snatch Zweli away from Lindiwe. Last night episode left fans amazed by what she and Zweli did (kissing). The most irritating part in this whole thing it’s that Zweli is also interested into this girl.

The 1Magic’s official social media page posted regarding Zweli and Nyakallo’s kiss, and the caption was like: “HAYINI ZWELI NO NYAKALLO !!!” translation: ‘Oh No! Zweli and Nyakallo !!!’. We all know that the majority of The River fans are Lindiwe’s lovers and if someone goes against Lindiwe, that person definitely becomes an enemy, so same to Nyakallo.

The comments from social media were like: “Mxm! I can’t wait for the day when she’ll be turned into fertiliser for Kalashnikov’s roses”, “when Lindiwe tries to be peaceful, people decide to step on her toes😒. Anyway my plants are waiting for Nyakallo refined fertiliser”, “Lindiwe and Zweli should just get a divorce, MaLinds deserves better than this”, “She’s gonna learn!”, “The way Lindiwe is pretending, this child will die slowly painful death 😂”.

However there are those who think that Zweli is going to take Nyakallo as a second wife, anything is possible, let’s just keep on watching.

Anyway check out some of the comments below: