Home Entertainment These Muvhango actors have been arrested before (SEE PICS)

These Muvhango actors have been arrested before (SEE PICS)

Actors, like any other people, have their run-ins with authority. In this article, we look at Muvhango actors who made negative headlines by being arrested.

Macdonald Tshifhiwa Ndou

Macdonald, known as KK on Muvhango, was arrested by Hawks with two other men. He was brought up on extortion, corruption, theft, aiding a criminal, and corruption. The trio allegedly impersonated police officers and tried to get a bribe of R100,000 from a businessman called Mark Howard. The police withdrew the case against Macdonald for further investigations, but his two accomplices remained in custody.

Dingaan Mokebe

Dingaan, who is known as James in Muvhango, faced an assault charge in a racial road dispute. The actor and the white lady, Botha, with whom he had a dispute, counter-sued each other and narrated different events. Dingaan said that Botha slapped him after he didn’t let her cross into his lane, but he didn’t retaliate. Botha told the police that Dingaan raised his middle finger at her while speeding past her when she was trying to turn into the right-hand lane. She stated that Dingaan blocked her and then attacked her while insulting her, telling her that she deserved to be raped. However, even if they both pressed charges against each other, only Dingaan was arrested.

David Sebe

David, who plays Gizara in Muvhango, had to hand himself over an identity scandal. The actor who does not have any social media accounts had someone steal his identity and commit several crimes. The crimes that the identity thief committed using David’s identity included house break-ins and rape. The actor warned his fans to report anyone using his name in fraud and hoped the police would bring the actual perpetrator to justice.