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“They Demanded ID’s And Passports” – Wife Of Zimbabwean Who Was Burnt To Death Reveals What Happened (VIDEO)

In Diepsloot during the weekend, people were injured whilst some were murdered. As a result, the community has decided to stand up against the high crime rate in the area and has protested outside their local police station, blaming the police for not doing anything to fight against crime in the area.

Furthermore, the residents have been calling for foreign nationals to leave and they have shut down their whole township, demanding that no business operates and that no one goes to school or work.

While it may seem that the situation was calmer after Operation Dudula leader Nhlanhla Lux addressed the angry crowd and Police Minister Bheki Cele visited the area and deployed police officers, things took a wrong turn during the night, as residents headed to homes believed to be owned by foreign nationals and started demanding passports and Identity Documents.

According to several reports, a Zimbabwean national was stoned and burnt to death last night. His friend says that residents raided the house they were at and when they arrived, they searched him and gave him a few beatings, looking for documents and weapons.

His friend ran away, but when the angry mob caught up with him, searched him,m and find no weapons, they suspected him to be behind the criminal activities in the area because he was in the streets at night. That is when they decided to kill him.

He adds that there was not even a single police van during the incident.