Home Politics ‘They will regret it one day’, Jacob Zuma warns

‘They will regret it one day’, Jacob Zuma warns

The convicted former President Jacob Zuma warns his enemies that they will regret what they have started. This all comes after he was sentenced to 15 months in prison. Jacob Zuma also says he is innocent and did nothing wrong.

‘They will regret it one day’, Jacob Zuma warns

The former ANC leader said all this after his application hearing was accepted and going for hearing on the 12th of July. This means he will not go to prison soon like many expected. Zuma further says he is shocked the country has subjected itself to being investigated when it has many secrets.

“I told them they will regret it one day. What we are doing in this country is unprecedented. There is no country that would subject itself to being investigated. If you do that, then you do not know how countries work. Every country has its secrets.”

“They want me to go and serve time in jail for 15 months. I don’t know what I have done wrong. I did not hear them say what I have done wrong. It is going to be difficult is if they say I must go to jail having done nothing wrong. Imagine me voluntarily going in?” Zuma says.

The Zuma family said it will not let their father go to jail and would do anything until all is solved. Jacob Zuma’s son Edward said if they want to take his father then they will have to go through him after the sentence was passed. Duduzane also showed his frustration on social media and threatened his father’s foes. He actually said that people will suffer for doing that to his father. Many were not pleased by Duduzane’s reaction.

Has the ANC and the government made a mistake by investigating Jacob Zuma? If they are digging their own graves like Zuma says then there is more drama to come.