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Things Get Ugly After Liesl Laurie Asked For A Marriage Advice And Minnie Dlamini Said This

Former Miss South Africa 2015 Liesl Laurie is enjoying the best time of her life and she is generous enough to share every moment of it with her dear fans on Instagram. Liesl and her husband-to-be Dr. Musa Mthombeni have been inundating fans with their love story that melted hearts all over South Africa.

After the lobola negotiations, Liesl Laurie took to Instagram and asked her fans for an advice concerning her marriage. Seemingly her question caught the attention of media personality Minnie Dlamini Jones and she didn’t hesitate to give Liesl the best advice she asked for. However not everyone was in favor of Minnie Dlamini’s advice and just like that, a conflict started brewing in the comment section of Liesl’s post.

“Say cheese Makoti, So will it be Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni or Liesl Mthombeni?” Liesl asked in the caption.

“Do both boo, Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni for work? And legally change to Liesl Mthombeni. That’s what I did.” Minnie Dlamini advised.

One troll jumped at the opportunity of critisizing Minnie for making it all about her. However other fans weren’t having it. They started attacking the troll in the comment section. On the other hand Minnie Dlamini and Liesl Laurie didn’t seem interested to focus on whatever that was happening.