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Things you need to know about viral Stoko girl, Arianna

Overnight celebrity Stoko girl, Arianna has stolen the hearts of many on social media after a viral clip of herself and her girls dancing at a Shell service station to the song ‘John Vuli Gate‘. She has popped so quickly on the internet with her social platforms garnering a huge number of followers in a short space of time.

She is a 19-year-old girl from Kwamhlanga who has broken the internet on the video of John Vuli gate which has been trending on social media and it got people talking.

Arianna is a grade 11 learner from Kwamhlanga village she is a third born at the home of her mother, she’s still a student she loves music and dancing vibe is one of her life she drinks alcohol on weekends when she’s happy enjoying her life with her friends.

John Vuli gate is a new 2020 song by Mapara a jazz ft Ntokazi. The lady and her group really loved the song and decided to do a dance to it. They didn’t believe they were going to trend on the internet after doing the video, which then came by surprise.