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This is How Much Nurses are Reportedly Being Paid per Month in South Africa

The country has been going through a pandemic for almost a year now and the warriors of this war against this killer virus have been the country’s health workers. South African nurses have been the backbone of the healthcare system in both the private and public sector. Nurses are the ones that do most of the dirty work while the doctor sometimes gets the most credit.

While their reward comes through the ability to be able to help someone who is in desperate need of medical attention and making sure they come out ok, their salaries also matter the most. We have seen how nurses were fighting for a raise at the beginning of this pandemic since they were being overused in hospitals, but we never knew how much they were actually getting paid. This article will properly state the manual and monthly salary of some nurses in South Africa.

All the information on these salaries is being forced from the country’s most reliable website of them all payscale.com and other government sources. The most common nurses found in the country are the general nurse and the standard nurse, both their salaries differ as they are ranked differently.

The Staff nurse

This nurse is mostly found in clinics that are not the most qualified of all the nurses. They however do get paid an above-average salary.

Annual Salary: R 159 583

Monthly Salary: R13 298

The Registered Nurse

General nurses are ranked a bit higher than registered nurse because of their level of education. They mostly handle very serious matters than needing a proper medical background, and they get rewarded handsomely.

Annual Salary: R244 351

Monthly Salary: R20 362

It would seem that the government is paying these nurses a reasonable amount based on their level of education, but with the pandemic constantly torturing the health system and leading to nurses getting overworked, there has been a need to call for an increase. It cannot be doubted that an increase could go a very long way into motivating South African nurses during this time of the pandemic.

Doctors earn a lot to be complaining about being overworked or anything like that. These salaries that are mentioned above do differ from the employer, but these are for those nurses employed by the government. The nurse profession in South Africa is the oldest one yet, it has been helping many people earn a living since back in the day.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think these nurses are being paid enough? Taking into account the pandemic and how they are overloaded with work, should their salaries increase.