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This Is Real Reason Why Muvhango’s Liteboho Molise Left Her Marriage

It’s unfortunate how marriages don’t stand the test of time these day as another celeb walks away from her marriage. It has been reported that Muvhango actress Liteboho Molise’s polygamous marriage to her tycoon husband, Thabo Twala is officially over.

Molise had apparently broken up with Twala a few years ago and they have been living separately for three years. The actress lives with their five-year-old child in Midstream Estate, north-east of Joburg, while Twala resides in Gauteng’s most expensive suburb, Sandhurst in Sandton.

The actresses close relative disclosed that Molise and Twala got married in community of property in 2015 but where soon facing many challenges a year later when she discovered that she was part of a polygamist marriage as Twala was married to two other women, Mpho and Kate.

News of the couples separation was meant to be kept private however it was revealed by the Liteboho‘s close relative, who was there when Molise decided to leave her husband. The actress found out about the other wives on social media when he bought her an expensive Mercedes. Liteboho who thought Twala had left the other women before they started dating was confronted by social media users who labelled her a home wrecker.

The two women came out on social media to challenge the Lingashoni actresses claims insisting they were still married to Twala when they met and are content with their polygamist relationship. Following the scandal, Liteboho’s now estranged husband also came out and confirmed that he is indeed married to two other women.

This not only shocked the actress but also embarrassed her because she had no idea of the situation she was stepping into. She allegedly broke off the marriage immediately when she found out as has no intentions of sharing the man that she loved.

“This embarrassed Litebogo because for starters, she did not know that she was in a polygamous marriage. So she immediately broke up with him. She does not believe in polygamy and she felt she was no longer going to be happily married as she loved him dearly and was not prepared to share him with other women.” the source said.

The actress previously relieved that she removed her wedding ring immediately after she left the marriage because she knew it was over between them.