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This is the last picture i took of you, AKA remembers his late fiancée

Sunday the 20th of June, was Fathers Day and the rapper AKA got to spend some time with his beautiful daughter, though he was with his daughter on this wonderful day, he was also thinking of his late fiancé who passed on a few weeks ago. The rapper has been through a lot after the passing of his loved one and his heart was just shattered.

He never shared much about her ever since her passing up until now as he took to social media to share the last picture he took of her and he captioned his post: “Fathers Day was very difficult for me. Difficult because as much as I have lost you, as a father I cannot even imagine what it feels like to lose a child, especially someone as amazing as you.

This is the last picture I took of you, and this is how I choose to remember you. I pray for your family every single day, as I do for mine. We miss you so much Anele. So so much. Everything reminds me of you.” his post broke a lot of people’s hearts and reminded them of the pain that he has been facing after losing Anele. Below is some of his fans’ reactions.