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This is what Lufuno tried to say before committing su_icide chats leaked

After a video went viral of a girl being bullied by other kids at a school called Mbililwi Secondary School at Sibasa in Limpopo province yesterday. A victim who goes by the name of Lufuno probably couldn’t handle the humiliation she then decided to commit su_icide

And it looks like this thing has been going for quite a long time now because someone on Twitter who goes by the name of @Sewa who claims to know Lufuno and says was close to her, shared some chat he/she had with Lufuno when he tried to say something but she didn’t it’s like she was probably ashamed to say anything.

Below are the chats shared by one of Lufuno’s alleged friend @Sewa the person who says Lufuno was her biggest supporter and personally knew Lufono he/she leaked the WhatsApp chat on social media see below:

she wanted to say something but she didn’t have the guts to do so, parents let’s try by all means to always check on our kids if anything is bothering them at school or around them. This could have probably prevented if lufuno had spoken to someone.

what this girl did to Lufuno was wrong, but we always have to remember one thing that charity begins at home, at most cases when you find a child bullying other kids at school is because something is not right at home. You can find that she’s been abused at home or something is not right or they are not getting enough attention. So the only place they get attention and feel powerful is at school where they get to bully other kids.

Below is a video of Lufuno and the girl beating Lufuno up, as Tufano stood there defenseless surrounded by a group of school kids taking a video of them instead of stopping the fight. sometimes this thing of taking videos and posting them on social media is the one that leads to this kind of thing. Today we lost a child due to social media and bullying.

This is getting out of control somethings needs to be done, for Lufuno to get justice. We say no to bullying