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‘This Is What Mzansi Spotted After A Family Looted A R70 000 Couch

The image shows an incident where a family had apparently looted very expensive and nice couches but they were having trouble getting them into their shack, they had no choice but to be sitting on them outside their home.

This is a very unfortunate incident for the family because they did not think forward about how they are going to use those couches, many people have acknowledged that the family has stolen such expensive couches.

But then they are failing to use them in their own house because they are shack is so small, the woman must have been very disappointed because the husband brought her very nice expensive couches from looting at the mall.

Today was a very active day of looting and members of the public who took to the streets went to the malls in order to loot the goods that they could get their hands on, it was a very chaotic day as well as the night where the president had no choice but to dispatch the South African national Defence Force in order to stop this.

It seems like many more people have done their discretion of looting and right now they’re getting to a moment where they are using the stolen items in their homes, with some getting disappointed.