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Thís Is What We Want To See, Mzansi Reacts To This Viral Picture

In a country as diverse as South Africa with dynamic races. One of the fewest African countries that have both whites and blacks living in it. It’s not really surprising when you see a white person developing hate for a black person and vice versa after all the stories we were told about apartheid has an effect on all of us.

However, when this picture appeared online, it was one of the most beautiful things out there. Kids are born innocent to racism. It’s us adults who train them to be. Looking at the baby’s appearance, the young man is giving us those Prince Harry vibes with his ginger hair.

However, things may not remain the same as the kid grow up. As an African, what I see in the picture is that no one was born with the hate. We are only taught to hate. This little beautiful baby who found paradise at the back of this woman may grow up tomorrow to gate that same woman after being taught to hate.