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Thobile ‘MaKhumalo’ And Musa Mseleku Sh0ck Mzansi

Reality star couple Thobile ‘MaKhumalo’ Mseleku and her husband Musa Mseleku have reportedly scored an acting role on Etv’s Durban Gen. According to Phil Mphela, The ‘power couple’ will however have a very short stint on the show, appearing on only two episodes.

The couple who are a huge feature on The Real Housewives Of Durban, will appear on the telenovela in April.

When answering a fans confusion over why are actors coming and going on Durban Gen all the time, he explained that it is a ‘procedural show’ meaning every episode has a different storyline with each episode.

“#DurbanGen is what is called a procedural show. That means stories run within one episode. There will be the main story plot that ties the lead characters but primarily each episode has its own beginning and ending. That’s why the show will have many actors come & go.”

Viewers did not react positively to this casting news:

The last star to go on Durban Gen was Lasizwe but his addition to the show did not get the reception he would have hoped for. People are fed up with this whole re-cycling actors and not opening up the industry very often.

Reactions were as follows:

“I just feel sorry for those who actually studied for acting and those who are still thinkin of doing it. Entertainment industry is f***d and I don’t think it can be fixed, it has gone too far.”

“SA acting industry has been f***d. They go for popularity more than talent. The world’s greatest actors went to school but here if you go to school you get ignored.”

“People at acting schools are wasting their time there if people from the internet are taking their jobs… the new way of doing things in SA is being popular on internet, that’s the paper to GET ANYWHERE.”

Thobile is also a part of another reality show where she is constantly mocked for her home which is in a rural area. Another factor in her being a less favourite wife is because of her beef with LaConco where they are always at each other’s throats.

LaC explained on the show why they do not get along, “I am friends with MaYeni. When I arrived at the Mseleku household she welcomed us, she was very bubbly. I was still working at Vuma FM she came for an interview. She was very cold, it was as if I was not in the same room, gosh, I was shocked because not so long ago. I saw her at the wedding and I wondered if she’s the type that is only friendly when there are people around. So it means she was not genuine.”

Then MaKhumalo hit back and said she is lying, “Her hatred toward me has nothing to do with MaYeni and everything to do with her past. She needs to heal. I guess she is saying all these things to heal from her past relationship…I’ve become a painful reminder of her failed relationship,” she told Daily Sun.