Home News Thousands of Greyhound employees are going to lose jobs

Thousands of Greyhound employees are going to lose jobs

Greyhound and Citiliner are closing operations. Services will run until 14 February 2021. Passengers with tickets booked for services after this date will be refunded. For assistance with refunds, contact Call Centre: 087 352 0352 or email: [email protected] https://t.co/n6kFJ0uQaO

After 37 years of service in SA, the Greyhound bus company has announced it’s closing down completely. The last Greyhound/Citliner bus trips will be on 14 February.

South African Transport & Allied Workers’ Union @SatawuMedia national sector coordinator Solomon Mahlangu says Greyhound only sent out a Section 189 letter yesterday.

I can imagine the stuff how horrible it is for them coming back home telling your family you’ve lost your job. It’s really tough out there guys… For those who still got jobs during these tough times should consider themselves lucky .

Unexpected companies are going down during this pandemic, that is why we should learn not to depend on single source of income..

unemployment is another Pandemic that needs people to be United so that they engage or challenge the government to create jobs for all with or without qualifications.