Home Celebrity Buzz Thuso Mbedu crushes Dr. Musa Mthombeni’s marriage dreams

Thuso Mbedu crushes Dr. Musa Mthombeni’s marriage dreams

Remember when we reported, almost two months ago, that Dr. Musa Mthombeni was ready to send his uncles over negotiate lobola for Thuso Mbedu?

So much so that she is now taking matters into her own hands.

Thuso and Musa have jokingly been flirting with each other on social media for about two or three months and fans are cheering for the couple to just get together already.

For all we know, the two stars could already be in a secret relationship behind everyone’s back.

Either way, Musa’s mom is ready and waiting for grandkids.

Apparently she approached Thuso after Akhumzi’s funeral last week Saturday.

“My mother cornered @ThusoMbedu after the funeral to ask her why she isn’t giving me a chance and HER grandchildren. My mom has reached a new level of needy,” Musa tweeted.

Mbedu then responded sweetly before clarifying that it just wasn’t going to happen.

What a pity. They would make such a cute it-couple.