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TJOO, HELP YOUR GIRL!! Anele Mdoda Who Attacked Kelly Rowland Roasted By Americans

While the rest of the country was asleep, American Twitter decided to have a roast fest of our very own Anele Mdoda. American’s have caught up on the frenzy which was started by Anele who called American singer Kelly Rowland ugly without make-up.

For the longest time, Anele Mdoda has been paying the price for her Kelly Rowland tweets, and every time Kelly posts a selfie, Anele gets dragged. Sizwe Dlomo was giving out his opinion about the best looking member from Destiny’s child and said Kelly Rowland is.

Anele disagreed with him and said she only looks good with make up on, “Kelly looks amazing with make-up. Take that make-up off then it’s tickets. I have receipts.”

Now that was 2 years ago, and it gets brought up now and again. Following Kelly’s “savage clap back” where she wore the very same swimsuit Anele wore whilst she was on a vacation at the Maldives, Anele got dragged once more.

Kelly is basking under the Italian sun and posted pictures of her wearing a mustard swimsuit. Fans noticed where they had seen that swimsuit, and pulled out Anele’s pictures where she too is getting sun kissed by the sun.

It was all fun and games, until body shamers entered the chat and started comparing Anele to Kelly Rowland’s body and beauty. The entire day, South Africans had their own opportunity to drag Anele, but Americans also decided to shade Anele.

They decided to roast her on her beauty, her body, her gap on her teeth, the way she held her champagne flute, and so forth. During the first twar, they called Anele Pumba from the famous cartoon Timone and Pumba. Now they called her Anthony Anderson, an American actor. Soon after, he started trending.

An unbothered Anele decided to give a subtle clap back of her own and re-posted the pictures of her at the Maldives again. She wished her followers and amazing weekend ahead.

When the opportunity for her to apologise came about, she refused to do it saying she wants to trend as it helps her secure the bags. “No. I like to trend. Keeps the bills paid. And she isn’t prettier than Beyonce soooooo I would be lying. Have a good life,” she said at the time.

Anele even said she does not hate Kelly, she listens to her music but does not think she is beautiful. “I actually dig her (Kelly). Was running to her jam ‘work’ just the other day. Remember it, what a jam ! It is simply my opinion that one is prettier wethu and naturally South Africans love anything that makes them feel like they are abusing someone else. They must carry on, we chose fame,” she dissed.

Speaking on the Americans and their trolling, she said they are unoriginal with their clap backs. “Typical Americans, late on every trend. That joke is so stale it’s like it came on the ships they left in. South African Black twitter was way better with roasts.”

Anele Mdoda has developed very thick skin over the years as a public figure. She has been dissed about her appearance and gap on her teeth but she has decided to embrace all of that. She often posts pictures of her wearing swimsuits and looks drop dead gorgeous. – ZAlebs