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Today Marks The 1st Year Since the Pandemic

The Pandemic tested a lot of things mostly mentally and Physically to those who caught the virus and had symptoms showing. Today marks the first day since the start of the digital revolution, the 4th industrial revolution started operating at its peak right at around this time last year.

All the worthy and Smart important people like Jack Dorsey and Sean Carter to Bill Gate and Patrice Motsepe put their offerings to test when they pledged billions to help curb and limit the social issues done by covid-19 by investing in companies that provide cheaper and faster internet.

Mark Zuckerberg invested in compression algorithms to lower storage use, it is end-to-end compression with no server farms. That cuts the data cost a lot because the data does not have to first bounce by the servers it goes directly to the receiver, those were some of the innovations we experienced during the pandemic. The Pandemic took a lot of our friends it took over 50 000 people in the republic and over a million worldwide, the stadiums were empty, we started using new terms like social distancing and quarantine to stop the spread of the virus.

The pandemic was a challenge to deal with many governments, when it hit Italy they had taught people that they should not be outside when they were sitting in parks, killed over 200 000 people in the United States alone where the data was very much accurate, everything was brand new.

South Africa Durban at the King Zwelithini Airport all the way from Italy. They tried tracking other people who were on that plane but they had already spread it to a lot of people without even knowing because the symptoms do not show a while.

Now that the vaccine is out and people can go get shots we are all optimistic about the future, we are all ready to go back to stadiums, big conferences, super big parties we are all ready for that now the future looks really beautiful. But we heard that we might have to re-use the vaccine each and every year.