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Together again! Here’s how AKA won DJ Zinhle back

If you told DJ Zinhle’s fans in September 2015 that she would take her cheating ex-boyfriend AKA back, they would have laughed in your face.

But fast-forward to May 2019 and the former lovers are officially a couple again.

The road to their reunion was a very rocky one but they found their way back to each other.

Some of Zinhle’s fans are not happy that she has rekindled her romance with the rapper, but even they will admit that she looks happier than ever these days.

Here’s a look at how AKA messed up a good thing with DJ Zinhle and worked his way back into her life.

He stopped ranting about her on social media

The year 2016 was a difficult one for AKA and DJ Zinhle’s relationship. Their breakup in late 2015 was a messy affair, with AKA denying Zinhle’s claims that she cheated on her with Bonang Matheba – who threatened legal action. We all know how that story ended.

Going into 2016, AKA and Zinhle were hardly on speaking terms. That didn’t stop AKA from going on an epic Twitter rant (or two) about his baby mama. “Yesterday was the end of me keeping my mouth shut. That post with the t shirt, totally unnecessary,” the rapper tweeted in May 2016. He also Zinhle for publicly supporting DJ Euphonik’s t-shirt line with his new one-liner, “nonke”. Euphonik had used the hashtag #nonke to slam his ex-girlfriend Bonang on Twitter.

AKA aired all his dirt laundry with Zinhle for the world to see. But his shady Twitter behaviour cooled off after his split with Queen B in late 2017.


He said sorry

AKA publicly admitted for the first time that he had an affair with Bonang while seeing Zinhle during an interview with Anele Mdoda in early 2018.

“The start of my relationship [with Bonang] was painful because at the time I was in a relationship with my baby mamma. And she was pregnant. And for me, what we put her through was wrong. And I’ve apologised for that,” he told the Real Talk host.


He focused on being a good co-parent

Zinhe did not go rushing back into AKA’s arms after his breakup with Bonang.

She made it clear that while she had forgiven him, she was focused on raising their daughter Kairo in a healthy environment.

He supported her career

Long before rumours they were back together started, AKA and Zinhle started supporting each other publicly.

Zinhle showed up to a listening party for AKA’s Touch My Blood album last year with their daughter. He returned the favour by surprising her at a launch for her book, Meeting Your Power.


He spoiled her with lavish gifts

AKA and Zinhle allegedly rekindled their romance in mid-2018 but they kept a low profile. They both declined to comment on their relationship status, but it was becoming obvious they were back together. They were spotted at functions together, and even went on holiday together in November.

Two months after their Cape Town trip, AKA took Zinhle to Thailand for some quality time. They were careful not to take any pictures together. Over the past few months, Zinhle has been showing off all the gifts her man spoiled her with, including roses ad Louis Vuitton shoes.

AKA and Zinhle made their relationship Instagram official this week. The rapper shared sweet picture of Zinhle sitting on his lap with the caption: “Opposites attract.”


Source: All4Women