Home News Top ANC Leader DIES With Her Husband After ‘Vaccination’

Top ANC Leader DIES With Her Husband After ‘Vaccination’

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The African national Congress confirmed in Parliament yesterday that member of parliament Joyce maluleke has sadly succumbed to complications related to the Covid-19 disease.

Maluleke is believed to have contracted the virus sometime ago, but she succumbed to the virus on Friday as the statement confirmed. The parliamentary caucus waxed lyrical about the significant contribution she made to the fight for the advancement of equal society in which all people can prosper.

Meanwhile, a reliable source close to her family has indicated that Maluleke actually succumbed to the complications that arose after she received the Covid-19 vaccine. It is understood that her husband also died on Friday.

“I was reliably informed by a source close to the family that she and her husband passed away same day after taking the second dose of the Vaccine and that their death are “Covid vaccine” related. May their soul rest in peace,” the source said on their official twitter account.

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected society in ways nobody could have imagined as the country has seen at least 60 000 people are believed to have died.

Government has been increasing its pace in as far as the vaccination programme is concerned, but there will surely be those with reservations about taking the vaccine due to incidents like this one.