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Traditional healers says they have found muti that can cure Corona in just three days

Pretoria – Traditional healers have finally entered the fray of finding a cure for Covid-19 with their own unique concoction of herbs.

The M5 Medigroup, a traditional healers’ company, have announced that they have managed to produce a mixture of various herbs which has shown a remarkable recovery in patients infected with coronavirus within just three days maximum.

According to the group, they had conducted tests in over 100 patients coming to their (traditional healers’) doorstep for help, who bore testament to the concoction’s efficacy.

But the concoction was, according to Mogale Mogale, the Director for M5 Medigroup, not only helpful in curing coronavirus but also had added benefits of treating and managing other illnesses patients presented.

It was for this reason that Mogale said they had enlisted the services of the Sefakho Makgatho Health Sciences University to conduct scientific tests in order to verify its efficacy, but also to check for any adverse side effects.

“We have administered our concoction to many people from different races, although the majority are black people, and they have taken it and most have recovered within a day or two.

“Everyone who has taken this product whether old or young have come back to give us positive feedback.”

“Even this morning I received feedback from a colleague of mine in the medical profession who took it and gave it to her mom who was battling other ailments and she called back totally amazed by its wonders.”

Mogale said now was the time traditional medicines were adequate as many drugs also come from herbs.

He said it was important to consider every possible avenue as the country could not rely on scientists alone to be able to find a way to put an end to the pandemic.