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Trouble for r_pper Moozlie as she is set to lose her car after failing to pay

If the 1,3 million people following r_pper and TV presenter Nomuzi Mabena on Instagram were to be translated into money, she’d not have to worry about the repo man going after her.

The amount would be enough to settle the outstanding balance BMW finance had borrowed her to purchase the 2017 BMW 420i Gran Coupe M Sport.

But the figure is just a headcount of individuals and not rands.

The lender has taken the MTV Base, Vuzu TV and Channel O presenter to court for failing to keep up with the monthly instalment.

In court papers filed at the South Gauteng High Court two weeks ago, the lender is asking the court to intervene and force Mabena to settle the debt in full.

It argues Mabena, popularly known as Moozlie, has breached sale agreement terms by failing to repay the monthly instalments, thereby forcing it to cancel the contract.

According to court papers, Mabena was supposed to pay a monthly instalment of R8 416,48 for 71 months, when the residual payment of R158 193 would have kicked in.

But she’s recently fallen behind in instalments, accumulating arrears of more than R37 000.

The lender claims that when she couldn’t make payments, it tried to contact her using various platforms but to no avail.

Now it’s demanding the outstanding balance of R422 472,55 in full, with immediate effect.

“Despite lawful written demand, the defendant failed to make payment of the arrears,” read the court papers in part.

“The plaintiff has elected to cancel the instalment sale agreement, take repossession of the vehicle, and claim the difference between the outstanding balance set out in paragraph 5 above and any amount realised from the sale of the vehicle in future.”

The lender claimed to have offered her several options in a bid to resolve the matter, including surrendering the car voluntarily, developing a repayment plan accepted by both parties, and/or going for debt counselling.

The lender pleaded with the court to authorise the sheriff of the High Court to “attach, seize and hand over the vehicle (chassis number withheld)” to the plaintiff.

It asked the court to order her to pay the costs of the claim at an attorney-and client scale.

Mabena was given 10 days to file her answering affidavit with the court, but has failed to do so.

She wasn’t available for comment and failed to respond to our SMSes and emails.

-daily sun