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Trouble in paradise as Black Coffee & his alleged Side-chick Fight

The walls that have securely engulfed the inner workings of the Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee’s marriage are slowly crumbling down.

New information has come to light, however, nothing has been confirmed as yet.

An Instagram user by the handle, @mimi_buthelezi shared an eyebrow-raising post on her Instagram page in which she released a snippet of what went down in her DM’s with the soon to be divorced, DJ Black Coffee.

Mimi posted screen-grabs of her private chats with Black Coffee. In one of the posts, the caption reads: “I don’t mean to be a homewrecker but…”

In another one of the screen-grabs, Black Coffee pleads with Mimi to unblock him, whilst the last one indicates that an amount of R70,000 was sent by Black Coffee, possibly to Mimi.

A well-known public figure also came up in Mimi’s DM’s – DJ Tira. ‘Makoya Bearings’ wrote to Mimi and advised her to “Leave Nathi”.

The validity of this controversial post remains unclear but if it were to be true, then there’s quite a lot that contributed to the break down of the Maphumulo marriage and more might keep popping up to the public.

Other strong allegations that have been levelled against the well-accomplished Black Coffee, include fathering two babies who are just over 12 months old, all whilst still married to Enhle Mbali.

These bizarre allegations haven’t been confirmed also, but various sources claimed that these serious allegations are just the tip of an iceberg!