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Truck Drivers to embark on a nationwide shutdown

From the look of things, it seems like there is a group of people who want to see the country gutted down in flames.

The coronavirus pandemic wiped away income sources of many and vandalizing the little that is operational is not a solution either.

On Monday the 3rd of May 2021, traffic advisory messages were being sent to motorists informing them on possible attacks.

This was shared by a twitter account named Riots and Attack South Africa and it was headlined, “Terrorists to embark on a nationwide shutdown tomorrow.”

The message was expressing grievances which have been running deep in the trucking industry of South Africa over the past few months.

A group which was later on defined as terrorists is set to embark on a nationwide strike against all trucking companies to remove non-South African drivers and replace them with local drivers.

The group claims that all driving jobs should be reserved for South Africans only.

The tweet that was posted by Riots and Attack South Africa was quoting an earlier tweet that was shared by Lerato Pillay.

Pillay is notoriously known for launching vile attacks on foreign nationals and this morning had a new offering to the thousands that follow the account.

Below is the attached tweet from Pillay.

The statement by Pillay was however wrong as this is not a truck drivers strike. No truck drivers association has issued out such a statement.

However, this can be best described as an attack from jobless people in South Africa to foreign nationals.

No positive results will come out from such a move as instead it will result with NO FOOD and MORE JOB LOSSES.

Over the last few months, trucks have been burnt on South African roads by protesters. Companies are suffering great losses from the attacks and some may end up shutting down.

The attacks on trucks do not spare those trucks which are driven by locals or those that are owned by locals.

South Africa is a hub of economic activity in the region as trucks from neighbouring countries make trips into the country.

They come to purchase goods which will be transported to other parts of the region and attacking trucks will only kill the market for local producers.

A solution which does not involve vandalising property and infrastructure should be made as burning trucks will not better the situation.

Truckers and protesters should find an amicable solution to the problem and not resort to burning of trucks.

Recently, Cuban engineers were turned down by the public as many local engineers are unemployed.

There was no infrastructure or property vandalised and the same can be done in the trucking industry.