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Tv personality Noxolo Grootboom left in tears as the whole country sends her farewell messages

Noxolo Grootboom is a South African journalist who has been been in the industry for 37 years. She was widely known for reporting news in the Xhosa language. You just know that when they brought her in its serious business. She respected herself her work and the South African people. She has served our country with pride even in her last day of work.

A lot of people on social media reacted to her last show, from ordinary South Africans to well known south African celebrities. No matter how strong you were as a human being but im sure all of us who watched the news bulletin couldn’t help but shed a tear. It was so emotional and heartfelt, but what’s more amazing with her closing remark was that for the first time the “ndinithanda nonke emakhaya”felt more real than it felt over the past years. This has always been her closing statement however today it felt different.

Noxolo was dressed in her black and white traditional attire you couldn’t question but admire the women she is. Proud Xhosa woman who knows who she is and what she stands for and has fulfilled her purpose.

You know you are important when the President of the country makes way for you just so you present your last news bulletin and starts his speech by thanking you for your service.

Thank you Mam Noxolo for your service, the love you’ve shown the people of South Africa and upcoming journalist.