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TV presenter Bontle Modiselle sends a sweet message to her sisters

Bontle Modiselle took to Instagram to give a heartwarming shoutout to her sisters for everything they’ve done for her, including helping her love herself unconditionally.

Bontle, who is second of the three sisters expressed how her sisters have been her biggest blessing.

“I instantly want to cry when I think of how far we’ve come. My God… you’re both so perfect! So God-like. I’d be unsolvable levels of weak & exceptionally whack if I never had you two raise me. (And) to check me.”

Bontle explained that both her older sister and model Refilwe and her younger sister and actress Candice were everything every little girl should have in a sister.

“The sisters I wish every little girl, young lady, and growing woman had! You guys taught me how to love. Even myself. Not the idea of Bontle, but loving myself as I am. ”

Super cute!

Bontle poured her heart out for all the amazing wishes she has for her sisters.

“You deserve everything beautiful in this world, and I hope I can give you some of that as we grow. You make me so happy guys. So so Happy! I also know that it gets tough. It is tough! The fights we each put up are unthinkable, but look at us, raising each other to become the women we promised to be.”

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Source: TimesLIVE