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TV presenter Khanya Mganisa’s most shocking moments so far

Khanya Mkangisa’s recent brush with the law is not her first and it might not be her last!

The TV presenter has had many ups and downs over the past few years, but it looks like her lows are getting more attention than the highs of her career these days.

The year 2019 looked set to be a big one for Khanya professionally. She signed on to star in Mzansi Magic’s popular telenovela, The Queen, in January, but her celebrations were short lived.

A few days after sharing the big news, she made headlines for being arrested… we’re only five months into the year, and the star has already been arrested twice!

Check out some of her most shocking moments over the past few years

Driving under the influence

Khanya Mkangisa was recently arrested for drinking and driving. If that is not bad enough, a viral video from the scene shows her arguing with one of the traffic officers. While Khanya admitted that she had been drinking, she says she felt “humiliated” by the way the officers treated her.

“I was in the wrong, no one should be ever driving under the influence, for whatever reason…. That shouldn’t have happened, that I acknowledge but keep the same energy, treat me like you would everyone else… …people don’t know that this woman [police officer] tortured me before I even got out of my car,” said an emotional Mkangisa to DJ Fresh in an interview on Metro FM.


Hit-and-run drama

Earlier this year, Khanya was accused of being involved in a hit-and-run incident. According to the Sunday World, the actress was arrested following a “high-speed car chase”. She allegedly hit someone’s car and left the scene. She denied the report in an interview with Metro FM’s Mo Flava.

“I was definitely not involved in a hit and run. I don’t know how this story was blown way out of proportion. I was in my complex… parking in my parking bay, I hit the car that parks next to me, left my details, so it wasn’t really a dramatic situation… It was a little scratch.” The Selimathunzi presenter added that the owner of the car turned up at her house with the police and she was arrested.

Repeat offender

It looks like Khanya’s recent DUI was not her first. According to the Sunday World, she was arrested by Sandringham police for drinking and driving in 2009.

The publication also revealed that Parkview police nabbed her for a similar offence in 2010.

Man drama with Boity

Late last year, Khanya and Boity’s fans noticed that they hadn’t posted pictures together for months. The BFFs were practically inseparable and attended events together, but their close relationship seemingly came to an end in 2018. They stopped following each other on social media, which added fuel to the flames.

It didn’t help that Khanya shared a cryptic message on Twitter. “RIP to the friendships that ended because of boys,” she posted. According to tabloid reports, their relationship ended over a man – Boity’s now ex-boyfriend Stanley Obiamalu S. Khanya apparently had a huge crush on Stanley but he was more interested in Boity.

During an interview with Trending SA in August last year, Khanya admitted that they often butted heads because they are so similar. “Her and I fight a lot. She’s an only child, I’m an only child, so you can imagine, and we’re very similar, even though we’re very different, we’re very similar. So, we fight a lot. It’s not to say that everything is hunky dory,” she said.


Diva behaviour?

Khanya was accused of being a diva on the set of Zabalaza. Rumours started to swirl that her character was let go because of diva tendencies.

The allegations upset her. “That hurt. It made me realise you can’t trust anyone in this industry. Once it’s done with you, it gets rid of you just like that,” Khanya told Bona in an interview for its January 2016 issue.


Source: All4Women