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Twitter dubs ‘Idols SA’ the ‘new home of comedy’

At the rate the talent is going on Idols SA, the show will have more wooden mic contestants and comedians than actual singers. But the level of entertainment is high and viewers can’t help but laugh along.

Sunday night’s episode of the singing competition left many viewers laughing out loud, as the show became the gift that kept on giving in terms of comic relief.

Beatrice, who brought back the feeling of “feel it, it is here” (remember the 2010 Soccer World Cup?), was a particular cup of laughter.

DJ’s Fresh as the guest judge combined with Somgaga’s hype-man skills and Unathi’s laughter, there was no way one could keep a straight face. Even the Randall had to laugh at how bad Beatrice’s rendition of Shakira’s This Time For Africa was.


But that wasn’t the end of it.

Not only did Somizi and another contestant recreate the iconic Titanic “edge-of-the-yacht” pose to the not-so-great sounds of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, but at some point Fresh, Unathi and Somizi attempted Pastor Lukau’s resurrection stunt.

This is all before you add ProVerb’s sarcastic comments and hilarious moments with contestants after the auditions!

It was all too much for tweeps, who had the memes for each moment!



Source: TimesLIVE