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Umndeni Keeps Getting Saucy, People Keeps Commenting

With Dabula, the popular show keeps on getting even more saucy. Dabula is the second fiancee, he is 26 years old. He is a proud gay man, she stands for what he wants and sometimes what is right. He loves his husband, he even fought for him the other day.

He said something funny that got people laughing hard. He said “I had to take out the man in me”, he immediately gained fans for fighting and talking like that. Dabula even told his sister wife, her hairstyle is not looking good. He does not know what she did to her hair because it looks bad.

He said “Her hairstyle makes her look like a peacock. I don’t know what that is.” The first image shows the subtitle of what he was said, he even laughed after saying that.Dabula entertains viewers.

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