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#Umndeni: People Noticed Something Weird About Collen Here, See What He Did

You probably expected this kind of reaction from people, as you might know already, Twitter people are on a mission, a mission to get us to see the weirdest things. What was noticed this time around was just creepy, the things that people see on the show can blow your mind.

This time Collen was the topic for quite some time and that is because of two particular pictures, as you might have seen, he was at a Spa with his mother.

And as he was lying down there, getting a massage, the camera caught him at a certain angle, some people reacted to these two pictures, they said that Collen looked like he was dead. Twitter can be savage, this is something that you probably know by now, it seemed like the view scared some people who pointed it out.

Someone said, “Not this view camera man, pls” and this is probably because of the picture that comes to mind, Collen had his eyes out and it looked a bit scary for some.

The camera man just got the wrong view and that is that, it seems like Twitter sees humour in most situations. One thing that the cast of Umndeni should expect every time is to see their pictures on social media making rounds.

It seems like that is the cost of trending every Tuesday, the show gets a lot of people talking every week and it probably should be a thing by now.

Next week, someone else might find themselves on the trends list and there is no guarantee that it will not be the same person.

Collen might want to avoid lying down because how things have gone this week, there is a whole lot more that viewers have seen, so those pictures are not really a big deal, given everything that has happened on the show.