Home Politics Unpaid Soldiers seek help from Opposition leader Julius Malema

Unpaid Soldiers seek help from Opposition leader Julius Malema

After questioning why the government decided to deploy soldiers, many people were against him. Now the same soldiers are texting EFF leader Julius Malema asking for help. Taking to Twitter the opposition party leader posted a screenshot of a text he received from an unknown SANDF member complaining that they did not receive their allowances. In the text, the soldier asks Malema to help them push for their allowances.

“Afternoon Mr Malema please help us we are soldiers deployed in KZN we are suffering from the SANDF there is no food for us since last week we are buying food from our won salary. The army is not providing for us since last week yet they promised us meal allowances. Please help us you are our last hope. If we ask them we will be victimized please help us sir ,” reads the text.

This has come as a surprise to many South Africans. Some do not even believe a soldier would do that looking at the way he begs for Malema’s help. The EFF supporters are seeing this is light in the upcoming elections. They believe everyone knows Malema brings solutions to the table and is a strong force.

On the other hand, other think the text is fake and do not believe it. Other people get this opportunity to attack the president and ANC. Here are the comments from the public:

“Why were they deployed at the first place. He is leading like Robert Mugabe

“How do we know this is not staged SMS for you to gain credibility?”

“Soldier get salary and free food? They are living large mos”

“Why don’t you engage SANDF and come up with facts and solutions before coming to Twitter with unconfirmed drama. Oh, wait…that’s your brand. Shouting out whatever shit to grab attention, but zero meaningful action”

“Since when do soldiers on a mission complain about food. They are soldiers, they can endure hunger much better than the average people. They are trained for that”

Malema please understand that u are the last hope of the country, even the government is looking up to you, it is not a joke but a norm now. God bless you sir”

“What is the force number of that guy? Did u verify if he is indeed a soldier? No disciplined soldier can write that nonsense. Soldiers go to war for months without proper meal in service of country. What kind of soldier complain about food?”

After seeing this SANDF quickly released a statement claiming that the army is not threatening to withdraw from the streets. Instead they discourage the publishing of false information. However, they admit that they delayed the payment of allowances for the soldiers.