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Unseen footage of black woman fighting back after viral video of white granny spitting on her face!

A doesn’t pass without the conversation or debate rather about africans not being free even though we claim we libe in a democratic era.

People go as far as spreading the word on the hotspots of racism not just in South Africa but around the world too. But the truth still remains that black people will continue to be oppressed by white people if they themselves mentally act oppressed.

The most disgusting and heart breaking video has surfaced on social media and has been trending of a black woman, who is believed to be the helper of an old granny.

In the video we see the white woman deliberately and continuously chew on on something and spit on the black womans face.

This caused a lot of anger to those who saw the video, but others made an excuse that the granny was probably suffering from dementia.

Even so, it os no excuse to treat a person like a dog, especially one who is helping take care of you.

While people had a mouthful to say, a second video followed of the black women violently put the granny to bed as she refused to go to sleep. In return the granny asks her is she is crazy and with much understandable anger she says yes!