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US denies Kairo visa, AKA Heartbroken

Its a public holiday but unfortunately we started the day off with some pretty heartbreaking news from AKA.

No, you’re crying.

As many of you super fans already know, AKA has been nominated for an award at this years Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and non other than the rappers number one fan, his daughter Kairo, has been petitioning for all of us to vote for her dad to win and get them both on a plane to Los Angeles.

AKA had to clear the air and fill us in on why Princess Kairo won’t be able to join him- before our tears waterlog our keyboards in a sad rage.

Watch Kairo break the internet with her KCA promo

This adorable request from Kairo got the people of Mzansi attacking their keyboards in support for AKA and Kairo.

But now that the news of Kairo not joining her dad on his journey to LA for the show, has a lot people feeling heart broken.