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Uyajola 9/9: Here’s What People Noticed, That Got People Talking

Tonight’s first episode was presented by Moss, it looks like the lady has been breaking up and getting back together with her boyfriend. This time around, the boyfriend does not give her his full attention like before. She started suspecting her boyfriend, she thinks he is cheating on her. She called Uyajola 9/9, to help her find out about her boyfriend’s where about. As always, Uyajola 9/9 got in touch with their rats(roto).

The boyfriend’s location was revealed, he was caught in a room with another girl. It turns out he is not cheating for the first time, he was relaxing with another girl. The lady was shocked that her boyfriend even took her stuff, she broke a few utensils that belonged to her.

The episode surprised a lot of viewers because the girls were actually not fighting with each other but they were instead fighting the guy. They three food on his face, he got angry.

He even wanted to fight back but Moss told him, a man does not fight a woman. When a woman get too angry, a man should rather walk away but in this case he can not walk away because he has questions to answer. People noticed that the ladies were really angry at the guy, they both felt like he was using them for their money.