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Uyajola 99 : JubJub Pulled Up In A Car, But Viewers Realized Something Else

Uyajola 99 is a South African version of the American Cheaters. It merely needed a name that South Africans could recognize. The show airs on Mojalove on Sundays. It is currently in its second season. The show is hosted by JubJub and Moss. Those who fear their partners are cheating on them will benefit from it. Those who suspect their partners are cheating on them can write to the show and ask for help finding out who is cheating on them.

In every episode, the suspecting partner always catches the suspected partner with the help of the Uyajola 99 crew. It doesn’t matter if someone is married or not, as long as they have made a commitment to each other. Others forgive their adulterous partners right away.

On tonight’s second episode, which was also presented by JubJub, he showed up driving a red car. This was not just any car, but a Gusheshe. Many were impressed, but others were worried since it took them back to memory lane.

JubJub has served time in prison for after an accident that occurred when he was racing with his friend. Kids were killed in that accident, but it is said that families of those kids have forgiven him. Seeing JubJub driving triggers bad memories for some. However, people should learn to forgive, and give second chances.