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Uyajola 99 ‘s new presenter leaves viewers with mixed feelings




Uyajola 99 is a South African version of “Cheaters”. Tonight, the show introduced a new new female presenter, and she handled the second episode.Uyajola99 ‘s new presenter is a well known media personality, Ntombi Nqcobo Mzolo. Most viewers thought she was too soft for the show, and even suggested that she must leave her feelings at home, and toughen up.

According to viewers, the alleged cheater she was dealing with, was seemingly overpowering her, and got away with a lot. Some said they preferred JubJub, and would appreciate it if he could continue presenting the show alone. However, others suggested that Uyajola99 ‘s new presenter Ntombi should be given a chance, as it was her first episode.

Viewers seem to be very fond of JubJub, and do not want anyone else to take his place. The show also brought in female bouncers. This might have been because of complaints about how men guards handled, and touched women inappropriately.

Here is how some of Uyajola 9/9’s fans reacted to Ntombi’s first appearance on the show.



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