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#Uyajola9/9 returns for a sixth season with a twist

Five seaaons ago Uyajola 9/9 made its way onto our screens and the drama loving viewers absolutely relished the scandals. Viewers will be pleased to find out Uyajola 9/9 will be returning for a bang 6th season but with a twist.

After a fantastic 5 seasons, it appears Moja Love TV’s Uyajola9/9si not yet going nowhere.

The show however, will see a change of format as it takes on a love format. Uyajola 9/9 was questioned as people doubted how real it is. Many believed the stories had been fabricated as they were prerecorded. Cheaters will be appoached publicly depriving to allow for an on screen live reaction.

Jub Jub will continue to take his viewers on a journey of exposing cheaters. The show will we held live allowing individuals to react in a real way, making the show even more exciting to viewers. Cheaters will be caught off guard to add an element of surprise and drama to the show.

Last year the show came under fire when it was suspected for faking some of the stories. One lady who trended after appearing on the show for being the man’s mistress spoke up and said she had been set up to pretend she was the man in question’s side. This comes after she came under fire with family and friends for appearing on TV dating a committed man. Nontuthuko said the couple she had set up was actually happily in love and had been silenced with R1000.

“We shot the scenes at the man’s home and his girlfriend does not suspect him of cheating. I was paid R1000 but the couple was paid R2000 so they could also act out the whole thing and not say a word to anybody. Even the condoms were placed by me because I was instructed by the producers to do anything I can to make the episode seem real. I continued acting the whole scene out because I was promised a large sum of money, little did I know, I was going to be given a mere R1000. As it is, my family and I do not get along as they do not believe me when I say I was just acting and I was paid,” said Nontuthuko.

Since then, the show has been under fire for stories that are not real. The producers are hoping to rebuild the trust of their audience by making the show live