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Uzalo Actor, Screwdriver Begs South Africans To Stop Bullying Him

Uzalos screwdriver asks Mzansi not to make fun of his real name “Simosibucayi” (bad situation). Simosibucayi means “bad situation”. In real life, Uzalo and Simosibucayi Buthelezi call it a screwdriver. But the actors said they laughed at him. Because of its real name. He said that because of his unusual name, he is already very popular in school. “Some people find my name funny, others find it funny.

Even on social media, I once saw a friend post on Facebook making fun of my name. But this name was given to me by my parents . No, I can change it. He said: “Interesting or interesting, I like it. “Simosibucayi means “bad situation”. He said that when he was young, he hated his name because he was intimidated by his colleagues. But as he grew older, he learned to accept it.

He said he never asked why he got the name. “I know someone believes in igama liyamlandela umuntu (a person’s future depends on their name). But I don’t think so. There are some nomfundos who don’t like school. And there are blessings (sbusiso), but her family may think it’s right. The curse of her behavior. “As far as I am concerned, things are not always that bad, and life is always the same.

Sometimes we go through bad situations, sometimes we go through beautiful situations. Therefore, I can confidently say that my future will not depend on the meaning of my name. He said that some people would suggest that he abbreviate the name to Simo.

He said: “Sounds good. It depends on whether the other party wants to call me Simo or Simosibucayi.” Uzalo’s group member Simosibucayi said that many people only knew him when he appeared in the SABC1 soap opera, but he was already in theatrical work. Has existed for many years.