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#Uzalo star Sibonelo /Wiseman Mncube is unapologetic about his lifestyle, is he poor?

Good day people, I bet we all know the son of the notorious gangster Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo who plays the role of Sibonelo Babongile on South Africa’s most watched soapie Uzalo.

I must say one thing about the guy Wiseman Mncube when he lands a role on an episode, he ensures that he excels in his role. We all remember him in Hostela and currently acing his Sibonelo role. By stalking his Instagram account you can easily tell that he is a family man who loves his daughter. Many people do not make time for their children because of their busy schedule, just not him

This was the recent picture he posted looking happy and beautiful with his daughter, it’s definitely the way they look at each other for me with love written all over their faces Unlike many people who are public figures Wiseman does not conceal his lifestyle and is unapologetic for not using a shower when bathing.

We know many would hide this about themselves because their fans would suggest they are not living a luxurious lifestyle just because they do not meet their expectations with the kind of life they leadAnother thing he is not ashamed of is his religion, he is a Nazareth. He believes “onyazini lwezulu/Shembe” who many fans are against.

He is authentic about his lifestyle and does not conceal any detail to please people most definitely is not a prisoner of fans expectations