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#Uzalo: What If Gabisile Is Not Dead?

It was an emotional day at Kwa-Mashu on Uzalo last night when the people gathered to bid Gabisile Mdletshe farewell after she allegedly committed suicide according to her husband Qabanga who may have had a huge role in her death, if she is indeed dead.

After she confessed to have killed both Khehla and Nomcebo to her husband Qabanga, he could not handle the pain and he strangled her right after she confessed, he was then seen throwing what looks like a body over the bridge into the river before going back to church and told the people that she has committed suicide.

She was no angel, she had so many sins under her name, and maybe she does deserve to die, but could this be her end?

Her son, Sibonelo is refusing to accept that his mother is dead before he sees her body, and he has also vowed to deal with whoever had a hand on his mother’s disappearance, he literally swore that he is going to kill him/her once he finds out.

Babekazi made the speech which left everybody with their Jaws dropped in shock as they hear how evil Gabisile was, but Sibonelo refused to have her mother painted that bad as he also reminded people how good she was with helping people.

We have seen a number of people coming back from the dead on Uzalo including Thulani who was shot by Nkunzebomvu and was buried, but he surfaced as it turned out he was never dead.

Gabisile might not be dead, the cops did not find her body, yes Qabanga threw a body over the bridge, but we can’t really say she is dead because we did not see her body and we are not sure that it was her body which Qabanga threw into the river