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Vaccinated People In Shock As Tito Mboweni Reveals This Shocking News

It has now been a year since the coronavirus has hit the country with claiming more unexpected death of South Africans. This is because lot of South Africans didn’t take this epidemic as a matter of a national disaster.

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This is where lot of lives were lost due to not observing the precautions laid by the government of which is too observe a 1.5-meter social distancing and wearing of face mask. This was the reason why the virus was busy claiming the innocent lives of south Africans and the issue of not been vaccinated early was a contributing factor.

Vaccinted people are now in shock as Tito Mboweni the former finance minister reveals some shocking news regarding the covid-19 vaccines. This is because lot of people who are vaccinated have been putting pressure on unvaccinated people.

The threats include telling them that they will die if they are not vaccinated and now they feel like they are being pressured to take the vaccine jab. This is a very depressing time for south Africans as most people are still frustrated as to why most people in South Africa haven’t received a vaccine and this is a big concern to Cyril Ramaphosa. This is because his target is not yet met and he won’t feel comfortable if the whole population is not yet vaccinated.

Tito Mboweni revealed this shocking news that been vaccinated doesn’t mean that you are safe from the spread of the coronavirus. This is because the vaccine shots are only meant to protect people from suffering great severe damage to their lives. This was unexpected news to endure as lot of patience and respect was expected from the former member of Parliament. This because it is not always the case that any former member must be involved in the ANC doing.