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Venda Man Shook The Whole Mzansi With His Kindness

As bad as this whole Covid-19 pandemic is. The good part of it is that it exposed the kindness of many south African because if you should look back to days of the arrival of the Covid-19 a lot of people were seen donating food parcels to those who were ineed which is very good.

However there is one-man in particular whom his kindness deeds always leave a lot of people with tears rolling down their face. That man is Livhuwani Madadzhe well known as Captain SABC Livhu.

Well what he did and is still doing in his latest good deed is that he adopted a young lady who was known to be a former drug addict.

Just take a look at the state the lady was in when he first found her.

The lady has now changed for the better every since she met and started living with captain SABC livhu.

Take the look at their latest pics.

This is really good and melted the hearts of many citizens lately. Take a look at the comments SABC livhu has been getting lately.

What the many is doing with this young ladies life is the best thing that can happen to ones life especially a former drug addict. It is not everyone who gets so escape from their addictions and although some do manage to escape it takes them forever to be this cute again while some never be cute for they have a lot to deal with trying to get back on their feet again.