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VIDEO: A Storm Of Fire Is Coming SA Prophet Allegedly Prophesied Parliament Fire Outbreak Weeks Ago

President Cyril Ramaphosa has confirmed that a person has been taken in for questioning in connection with the fire at Parliament on Sunday.

Addressing the media outside the National Assembly on Sunday afternoon, the president said:

I believe someone is being held and is being questioned.

President Ramaphosa praised firefighters and government officials for acting speedily.

He said: “We should be grateful that the National Assembly has not been razed to the floor. Our officials have really acted with great capability and speed.”

Known simply Aubrey Matshiqi, the spiritualist and prophet calls himself a political animal, who’s passion is beauty of the spirit, mind, words, music and images. Just a few weeks ago, he was seen in a video giving South Africans a warning of mysterious fire outbreaks to come.

The shared by Kgothatso Marwala, the interview was conducted some weeks before the end of 2021 by Insight factor and mamodiba with the prophet being the guest of the show.

According to the 27 seconds video talking about politics and how it’ll affect the nation, prophet Aubrey Matshiqi indicated that South Africa isn’t going to get better if the people of Mzansi don’t change their ways especially Politicians.

As expected thousands of Mzansi people have reacted to the fire even as international news agencies have made it public around the world, however Mzansi people are yet in shock that the prophecy came through whilst others say prophets only prophesy bad things.